Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paper Art

paper hearts sewed down the middle and thumb tacked to the wall

I have always been drawn to paper, to stationary, journals, note pads, books, to post-its, ephemera, museum guides, maps, and old photographs. But my love for paper is doing battle with my desire to minimize and reduce rather than recycle. Last year I also challenged myself to Use it Up - that is, use what I had rather than bring more and new things into my life. Enter Paper Art. I needed some artwork in my living room, above the TV, and made the paper heart strands above. I made a little springtime wreath from egg cartons (I promise it doesn't look all that much like a 3rd grader made it...) and another from the pages of an old book. I also made a Christmas card from the pages of that old book. Paper is a beautiful, plentiful and diverse media for so many projects. I doubt I will get rid off all my paper, but I'm trying, one art project at a time....