Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Milk Carton Reuse

Milk carton food container

Sorry I've been missing for so long! I do have some more ideas to share though!

I found another way to reuse a milk carton - as a leftover/food container. I have been slowly getting rid of all my plastic containers and using glass. Recently I committed to taking one home cooked meal a week to a sick friend, and have found myself wanting to buy disposable foil pans (which I did once) as well as plastic food containers so she wouldn't have to worry about returning anything to me. This is so much better because it's reusing something that I only have so many creative uses for. My only caveats are:

  • wash empty container out immediately with warm soapy water to get all the dairy out
  • let food completely cool before putting it into the container - it has a waxy coating that makes it wonderfully waterproof but is not made for hot things
  • clip, tape or staple the top to close it, but be careful not to jostle too much because it's not sealed like a plastic container would be
I'm pleased with this reuse!