Sunday, November 30, 2014


I always seem to need extra trash bins - whether I'm cooking, in the car, in my camper, or working on a project. I've found gallon milk jugs to be perfect instant trash bins. The handle makes them easy to transport to the trash/recycling/compost bin when full. The plastic makes it water proof and easy to clean if things get messy or stinky in there. They are easily replaced if they wear out. They are small enough that you can have one in the closet, on the dryer, another by your desk and one under the sink. Just the perfect insta-trashbin!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Cereal Gift Box

Gift wrapping seems like such a waste of paper and boxes, all to just get ripped up. But it definitely adds to the fun of getting a gift...So, even though I don't eat sugary cereal - when I saw this little gem in someone's trash I knew I had to have it! I added a little crotcheted plarn set of handles and reused some tissue paper and it was ready to go! If the box weren't so cute, I could have recovered it with some other recycled papers such as weekend funny papers, collage of scraps, etc. For a smaller gift, upcycle a toilet paper roll, sounds tacky but I promise it comes out cute. Check it out here

Christmas is coming - will you commit to reducing single use paper during this time!?

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Less Packaging

I am always on the search for ways to use less packaging and wanted to share this new one I've found.  As you may know, most of what we buy in packages is water - whether that's a soft drink, liquid soap, shampoo or in this case creamed coconut. This small package is the equivalent of several cans of creamed coconut and is about the size of a juice box. So, 3 packages worth in one package. And, it's recyclable - the box is paper, and inside is a vacuum packed plastic bag. Plus, it's organic and very tasty.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Paper Art

paper hearts sewed down the middle and thumb tacked to the wall

I have always been drawn to paper, to stationary, journals, note pads, books, to post-its, ephemera, museum guides, maps, and old photographs. But my love for paper is doing battle with my desire to minimize and reduce rather than recycle. Last year I also challenged myself to Use it Up - that is, use what I had rather than bring more and new things into my life. Enter Paper Art. I needed some artwork in my living room, above the TV, and made the paper heart strands above. I made a little springtime wreath from egg cartons (I promise it doesn't look all that much like a 3rd grader made it...) and another from the pages of an old book. I also made a Christmas card from the pages of that old book. Paper is a beautiful, plentiful and diverse media for so many projects. I doubt I will get rid off all my paper, but I'm trying, one art project at a time....